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  • One recipe to sabotage relationships

    If you are in a committed relationship with someone, do you forget you need to work on it continuously? Are you aware that some behaviors are not okay? Even when feeling upset at someone or frustrated at a situation, you still need to be respectful towards others.

    Do you insult your partner or threaten them, force them to do what you want because they are scared or don’t want to deal with your reaction? It is easy to rationalize any of these behaviors. It is much more difficult to take responsibility. Just because you may not want to be vulnerable emotionally, doesn’t make it okay to take your feelings out on someone else.

    You need to take control of your emotions. You need to learn how to deal with disappointments and let downs in a healthy way. If the other areas of your relationship are positive, don’t wait until this slowly seeps in and destroys the good.

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