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    “The only thing you really can control is how you react to things out of your control.” – Bassam Tarazi

    Are you worried others will think negatively of you? Do you want to increase your social activity? Can you remember the last time you left your house without questioning the way you look? Do you hear your heart pounding when you communicate with people?


    “We sometimes think we want to disappear when all we really want is to be found.” -Adna

    Are you barely managing to push yourself through the day with energy you didn’t know you had? Do you wish you can hide in bed all day? Are your eating and sleeping habits disturbed due to your mood? Are you walking around wearing a mask to look like you’re okay?


    “If you get upset when a piece of toast burns, what will you do when the house burns down?” – Anonymous

    Do others tell you they can’t communicate with you because they fear you will become angry with them? Do you wish you didn’t get angry so often and so quickly? Are you hotheaded more often than not?


    “Parenting isn’t a practice. It is a daily learning experience.” – Daily Parenting

    Are you constantly repeating yourself without seeing results? Do you feel like shouting out of frustration? Do you wish you had behavior modification tools to help reduce stress at home and also stop receiving negative phone calls from the school?


    “Words should be used as tools of communication and not as a substitute for action.” – Anonymous

    Can you express yourself in an effective way? Are you able to listen to others and be open to an opinion other than your own? Can you set boundaries with those who are not respectful of what you have to say? Can you get your complete thought out without feeling intimidated by the other person?

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