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  • Is that me in the mirror?

    Seeing bulges of fat all over. Avoiding mirrors at all costs. Skipping social events because you are not satisfied with your appearance.

    Recently, there has been more of a trend to use “plus size models” which in actuality is the size of the average American. Society has been led by Hollywood, setting many trends and dictating the way we should dress and look. If you take a closer look at the famous people who many idolize, you will see their life is not as grand as it seems. The rates of depression, suicide and substance use are much higher. There is a lot of extra pressure they deal with, always being in the spotlight. At the same time, because they are always being watched, they must in turn watch their every move.

    What is seen on your outside does not necessarily reflect or give an honest representation of what is on the inside. The old concept is just because something looks perfect on the outside, doesn’t mean it is. The perfect family has hardships. The family with the mansion cannot pay their bills. Someone may have a medical issue that is not public. If you judge yourself, and make comparisons with others about their outward impression, you will harm yourself.

    Genuine, confident and easy going people will want the same in a relationship. They don’t care what size you are. They aren’t judging you by your bank account. They enjoy who you are as a person. A lack of confidence may effect a relationship if you are always doubting yourself and looking for validation. Recognize what is important that you do have, and then make sure not to bring about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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