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  • Groan, not another new years resolution

    Goals are not easy to keep. But it’s not just about the goals! It’s about the reason behind the goal. Social media has been taking over with weight-loss coaches and dietitians. So now, as someone who feels overweight and not happy with their body is just seeing all these images of before and after pictures. Diet pills, health drinks and personal trainers each have millions of dollars spent on advertising. Why?

    People are always looking to feel better about themselves. This opens the door to many industries. Makeup, exercise equipment and all sorts of healthier food as well as new kinds of diets. The only problem is that society shouldn’t dictate what makes a person feel good.

    So when you’re coming up with goals for this year, whether they are health goals or any other kind of goal, think about the reason for doing this. Don’t do something just to support someone because you see everyone else doing it. if you are serious about a goal that you have and you’re having a hard time reaching it, there is nothing wrong with having someone help you through it. It is possible but difficult to be motivated on your own. Finding resources to take charge on your own is easier today than ever! This decision just needs to come from you though and for the right reasons.

    Zahavah Fishfeld, LMHC is a licensed therapist who focuses on relationships, self-esteem and self growth. She offers a phone consultation as well as sessions in person and through video. Her offices are located in Flatbush and Crown Heights. She can be reached at 845-596-1321 and [email protected].

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